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10:44am 09-27-2018
Mark gave me permission to send this to you for posting on the Kilroy
web site.

Hope everything is going okay with you folks.

Christine in Pennsylvania
8:46am 05-16-2018
Daniel Kilroy
Just checking in. My father was Julian G. Kilroy Jr. from Philadelphia. His father was Julian G. Kilroy, cavalry, WWI. My great grandfather (JG Sr.) joined the army at about 14 or 15 with false documents and was from Chicago. I know little else about my Kilroy lineage. Any help anyone can provide would be appreciated. Thanks.
6:24pm 05-15-2018
Toni Kilroy
I'm very proud of being a Kilroy!
My Dad Howard J. Kilroy just passed away on January 25th, 2018 and he served in Korea from November 1951-1955.
The only sad part is I'm the end of this Kilroy Family Tree.
5:22pm 04-22-2017
CSM Loomis
The most popular Kilroy souvenir in WW2...
From my book: Military Sex Police @ Amazon
9:49am 02-03-2017
Indeed, this achievement is a real wonder, thank you for this article in any case.

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9:48am 02-03-2017
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7:03pm 01-15-2017
Ralph A Drollinger
Went to China after WWII. Kilroy was there already. Ten foot high on Taku Bar.
11:05am 09-16-2016
Matthew Bragdon
Matthew was here
5:29am 03-06-2016
I am too young to remember the war, (born 15 days after Pearl Harbor (Dec15,1941) I first saw the Kilroy was here figure and motto in 1948in Mexico, travelling with my parents we were at a plateau from which if you went one way, you went to Mt opocatapetl, the other way to his 'consort'
The Sleeping Lady. At the midpoint between them was some sort of monument, And somebody had written 'Kilroy was Here' and added the famous drawing. That's all I remember (after all, I WAS ONLY 7 AT THE TIME!)pbw
12:29pm 01-14-2016
Patrick Tillery
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